Ask the right questions when in doubt.

As the saying goes: Doubt everything.

I am a firm believer of this notion: if you firmly believe in something you should have some room for doubting whatever it is you believe in, if you don’t doubt or even question what you believe in then what is the point of believing in it in the first place? At times we can doubt people, be it friends, loved ones or even our partners. The hardest form of doubt is when one doubts oneself. But no matter what we doubt who we doubt, doubt will always come with questions,

Doubt is always preceded by questioning, questioning propels us to seek answers. But this is the catch, you need to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers. And once the right answers have been answered, our knowledge and understanding is broadened we begin to see things differently, we begin to have a better understanding, this then is the beginning of wisdom as we know it.

When you study the bible you find that men and women of God had ask God for wisdom, knowledge, and direction, when they doubted they had to ask God for insight.

As a Christian I can honestly say that having faith and putting that faith into action is easier said then done. I have so many questions regarding the God that I serve as well as many other things that still do not make sense to me things that I still do not understand. I’ve been born again now for more then 15 years and walking this road of faith has come with a lot of joy, sorrow, heartaches, confusion, loss to name but a few. At times when I sit back and reflect on my journey I can say that my faith has been tested and stretched far and beyond the limits. luckily I’ve overcome the bad seasons of my life, and I still manage to by the grace of God. I’ve grown in my faith yet I still have many questions. I consider myself a growing, maturing Christian and I’ve learned that when in doubt about the things of God I should study his word but most importantly pray and ask for wisdom.

When doubt crosses the mind it can give you sleepless nights, it can turn into worry because it come with a lot of uncertainty, it comes with, SO MANY WHYS? Until you answer the big WHYS the doubt will be a constant uncomfortable pebble in the shoe.

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